Request for Proposals: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Consulting Services

On July 1, 2021, NECEC issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) consultant to assist the organization in incorporating JEDI values into its culture, organizational structure, and processes, conduct JEDI leadership training for a group of NECEC member company representatives, and more. Read the RFP in full here or below.

Clarifying questions on the scope of work and requirements of this Request for Proposals may be submitted by July 15, 2021, to All questions and answers will be posted on this page.


1. How many people does NECEC have on staff?
NECEC is comprised of nine full-time staff members.
2.  Is NECEC a for-profit or non-profit organization?
NECEC includes the Northeast Clean Energy Council, a nonprofit business member organization, and NECEC Institute, a nonprofit focused on industry research, innovation, policy development and communications initiatives.
3. How many people will be involved with this engagement?  
We anticipate the workshops to accommodate between 10 and 25 people depending on the topic. That number includes full-time NECEC staff and representatives from NECEC member companies.
4. For Task #2: Is NECEC asking for an assessment of the organization's work from a programmatic standpoint, or is NECEC asking for the development of a strategy/score card to set measurable goals that can be evaluated at a future date?
Task #2 reads: Define a process for evaluating the descriptions, milestones, and accomplishments of each of our major work areas and report on equity impacts for each, and suggest evaluation metrics that may be more useful in assessing equity impacts. In this task, NECEC seeks the review of program materials and processes to identify areas for improvement in language, strategy, and procedure that will enhance a culture of inclusion and equity within NECEC and in how we communicate our core work to a variety of audiences (members, the public, community members, policymakers, etc.). Scorecards and evaluation metrics can be part of this task as a way of setting tangible, impactful goals and measuring progress.
5. For Task #4: Can further details be provided about what NECEC envisions for training in terms of who the training is for, what topics NECEC would like addressed, and if there is an existing curriculum for the training or if a new curriculum would need to be developed?

The JEDI leadership training desired here will focus on executives and policy/government affairs leaders from NECEC's membership, board and staff. Broadly speaking, the leadership training should focus on the principles, practices and process for designing and advocating for clean energy policies in a way that is more inclusive of non-traditional voices and interests and delivers quantifiable clean energy benefits to environmental justice populations. This training will have between 10 and 25 people.  NECEC has not identified a specific curriculum.



This Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued by the Northeast Clean Energy Council and NECEC Institute (together, “NECEC”) on behalf of its internal staff and members. NECEC is seeking to hire a JEDI consultant to support its transformation to an effective advocate for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the clean energy community in which it operates.   


NECEC is a clean energy business, policy, and innovation organization whose mission is to create a world-class clean energy hub in the Northeast that delivers global impact with economic, energy, and environmental solutions. NECEC is the only organization in the Northeast that covers all of the clean energy market segments, representing the business perspectives of investors and clean energy companies across every stage of development. NECEC members span the broad spectrum of the clean energy industry, including clean transportation, energy efficiency, wind, solar, energy storage, microgrids, fuel cells, and advanced and “smart” technologies. NECEC has a staff of 10 people, a board of nearly 30 people, and an extensive network of member companies, partners, and sponsors.  

Project Objectives

NECEC is interested in serving as a role model in the Clean Energy industry by developing a framework for the effective transformation of its business culture and that of some of its members. NECEC seeks to:

  • Explore the foundations of transforming homogeneous organizations into multicultural organizations.
  • Learn about organizational systems and culture and how these contribute to organizational inequities.
  • Learn to identify and mitigate team and organizational inequities.

Scope and Vision

As a membership organization, we are interested in enhancing the ability of our staff, board, and members to become leaders in the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) space. We want NECEC staff and our board to have a better understanding of the concepts related to racial equity and justice and their intersection with clean energy issues. Our goals include increasing NECEC’s capacity to address racial equity and environmental justice through our internal processes, and culture will be redesigned to reduce unconscious bias, increase inclusive practices, and increase diversity in board nominations, hiring and retention, and development of policy priorities.



Date & Time

Release of Request for Qualification

July 1, 2021

Deadline for Submission of Questions

July 15, 2021       5:00 PM EDT

Deadline for Submission of Proposals

July 22, 2021        5:00 PM EDT


NECEC is seeking a consultant to provide the following services:

  1. Summarize lessons learned from other similar organizations (small nonprofit policy/innovation institutions) that have tried to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their missions, programs, and governance especially in ways relevant to the domain of environmental justice (not original research).
  2. Define a process for evaluating the descriptions, milestones, and accomplishments of each of our major work areas and report on equity impacts for each, and suggest evaluation metrics that may be more useful in assessing equity impacts.
  3. Suggest ways to integrate DEI into our organizational structure and processes, for example: board composition, staff and board training, access to expertise, and coaching. Assist with development of metrics to measure our progress.
  4. Conduct JEDI leadership training for a group of member company representatives, and invite several environmental justice, equity-centered organizations to participate with NECEC and members in these sessions to collaborate in exploring processes to enable equitable access and engagement in clean energy policy design and implementation.
  5. Assist the organization to evaluate the impact of our policy work in advancing environmental and energy justice in the clean energy space.


Respondents may propose deliverables in addition to those listed below, but at a minimum:

  1. A detailed scope of work and schedule delivered within 14 days of awarding of contract.
  2. DEI initiative progress report and slide presentation of initial findings/draft recommendations within 60 days of awarding of contract.
  3. Final report 120 days from awarding of contract.

Response Guidance

Response should be five (5) to ten (10) pages maximum and include, at a minimum, the following information. The responses will be scored based on weighted percentages as follows:

  1. What are your company and staff qualifications for doing this type of work? Describe the qualifications of the staff that will be assigned to this project if awarded. Please include percentages of time for each staff person’s involvement. (25%)
  2. What organizations have you provided similar work for? Provide at least two brief examples/case studies of similar projects and how it changed their approach to JEDI in their organization. Ideally include description of experience that has engaged environmental justice communities and organizations as participants. (20%)
  3. Outline your approach to this project. (40%)
  4. Provide an estimated budget and timeline for your work. We anticipate beginning this work in the fall of 2021. (15%)

Proposals Submission

Proposals to be submitted to July 22, 2021 by 5 p.m. Eastern Time to  


The contracted budget for this work is not to exceed $30,000.

Proposal Q & A

Clarifying questions on the scope of work and requirements of this Request for Proposals may be submitted by July 15, 2021, to All questions and answers will be posted on NECEC’s website:

Please allow up to three business days for responses to be posted.

Legal Requirement

This RFP does not commit NECEC to select any proponent, pay any costs incurred in preparing a submission, or procure or contract for services or supplies. NECEC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and/or submissions received, waive minor irregularities in submittal of RFP response, modify the anticipated timeline, request modification of the RFP, negotiate with any respondents, cancel or modify the RFP in part or in its entirety, or change the application guidelines, when it is in its best interest of the NECEC program.

Terms and Conditions

Upon NECEC’s authorization to proceed with the training services as quoted by the respondent, NECEC will execute a contract which will set forth the respective roles and responsibilities of the parties in the execution of the required consulting services.


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