NECEC Submits Letter to New England and New York Federal Delegation on COVID-19 Response

NECEC submitted today a letter to the New England and New York federal delegations in Congress urging rapid relief for the clean energy industry and its workers. In the letter, we outlined several actions Congress can take now to provide immediate support, including...

  • Allowing developers access to financial advances in lieu of investment tax credits
  • Restoring the investment tax credit to 30% and delay the phase-down
  • Providing federal funding to support clean energy businesses and their workers

As the nation responds to this crisis, it is critical that the transition to a clean energy future continues. This industry will be a critical component of putting a range of Americans to work, providing economic and environmental security. Moreover, clean energy will be vital to reviving the nation's economy and ensuring less dependence on fossil fuels, particularly those imported from other countries. Taking the proposed measures outlined in this letter will allow Congress to lay appropriate groundwork for the clean energy economy.

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