NECEC Releases New White Paper: Partnering for the Clean Energy Economy

Paper showcases the Northeast Economic Development Model for the Clean Energy Future

With the Northeast US on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading and fastest growing clean energy clusters, public officials, businesses and clean energy stakeholders are committed to accelerating the industry and the new cleantech breakthroughs on the horizon. Today, NECEC (Northeast Clean Energy Council and NECEC Institute) released a new white paper, "Partnering for the Clean Energy Economy," which examines how the Northeast has been leading in areas of policy, market development and support for business and innovation growth. The paper looks at specific examples and approaches that are underway, as well as what more is needed to accelerate the region’s energy transition and to serve as a global example for how clean energy can be both a climate solution and a driver of economic prosperity. 

“Partnering for a Clean Energy Economy was developed to guide both public and private sector leaders through the policies, programs and support structures needed to secure the transition to a clean energy based economy in the Northeast,” said NECEC President Peter Rothstein.

Drawing upon NECEC's extensive work in clean energy policy, innovation and business leadership, NECEC analyzed the three key economic development elements needed to ensure 2030 clean energy targets are achieved and that the region continues on its steady path towards a clean energy future:

  • The Clean Energy Policy Foundation:
    • Evolving competitive incentives and procurement mechanisms
    • Expanding targets for renewables, greenhouse gas reductions and efficiency
    • Laying the groundwork for the modern integrated grid of the future
  • Clean Energy Market Development:
    • Empowering energy customers and communities
    • Opening energy use information for behavioral changes and investments
    • Development of new financing models
  • Business Growth and Innovation:
    • Public support for early-stage innovations
    • Programs that foster early commercialization, pilot and demonstrations
    • Corporate partnerships and encouraging open innovation

This is an independent report produced by NECEC. It was written by NECEC President Peter Rothstein, Executive Vice President Janet Gail Besser, Corporate Development Executive Alistair Pim, Senior Director of Communications & Public Relations Kate Plourd Johnson and (former) Policy Analyst Sue AnderBois.

About NECEC: NECEC is the premier voice of businesses building a world-class clean energy hub in the Northeast, helping clean energy companies start, scale and succeed with our unique business, innovation and policy leadership. NECEC includes the Northeast Clean Energy Council (a nonprofit business member organization), and NECEC Institute (a nonprofit focused on industry research, innovation, policy development and communications initiatives). NECEC brings together business leaders and key stakeholders to engage in influential policy discussions and business initiatives while building connections that propel the clean energy industry forward.  

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