Many in the clean energy field already have a good handle on both the need to modernize the grid—electrifying everything, accommodating distributed clean energy resources, and the complexity of trying to do so—siting and permitting, cost allocation, interconnection, community engagement, etc.

For those who could use a primer on what’s at stake, where our region stands and which states are leading, we invite you to take a look at this blog by our Spring Policy Intern, Chris Mesfin.

As Chris writes, “Fortunately, the Northeast is well-positioned to lead the way in grid modernization. With its tradition of innovation in clean energy, solid political consciousness on climate change, and active community engagement, the region has the tools and the talent to drive meaningful change

For decades, a major point of concern for renewable energy has been its intermittency and lack of energy production when the wind and sun are gone. Last Monday's solar eclipse,...

The money will be targeted toward emission reductions, policy, and workforce development.

NECEC hosted this annual event to help foster relationships, engage with lawmakers and regulators, and empower them with the knowledge and confidence needed to drive progress toward shared clean energy and climate goals.

Ørsted is committed to playing a central role in the fight against climate change, and we see huge
opportunity to advocate for, and act on, a rapid and biodiversity-positive energy transition. With
climate change driving biodiversity loss, we know that we must build clean energy in the right way, in
the right places, as quickly as possible. Biodiversity-positive renewable energy must become the

The numbers from NECEC Navigate's Investor Corporate Customer Connect (ICCC) program speak for themselves. Since 2016, the biannual event has helped 329 startups raise more than $2 billion in funding,...

NECEC has published a Municipal Guide to Inclusive Climate Action and Equitable Procurement along with Collaborating with Municipalities: A Climate Tech Startup's Guide to Successful Municipal Engagement.

Following are the remarks NECEC's retiring Government Relations Executive Dan Bosley delivered at NECEC’s 2023 Annual Legislative Roundup.

New York State will require that by 2045, all heavy duty vehicles (HDV) are zero-emission, and in preparation for this transition, implementing a test corridor would aid all stakeholders involved.