ETS: Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets & Clean Energy


Distributed and grid-scale clean energy is making up an increasing percentage of New England’s electricity portfolio as its benefits are demonstrated, its costs decline, and states continue to implement policies to encourage its adoption. The growth of clean energy presents new opportunities and challenges – from how to integrate clean energy to meet grid needs, to how to monetize clean energy’s economic, energy and environmental value to achieve a sustainable future. At the same time, grid operators and policy makers are asking questions about how to maintain competitive wholesale electricity markets, which have driven efficiency and innovation in the region over the last 20 years.

Please join NECEC and our panel of experts to hear how grid operators, clean energy developers, customers and policymakers are tackling these questions in the face of fundamental economic, technological and policy drivers moving clean energy forward.

  • How can distributed clean energy participate in wholesale energy, capacity and ancillary services markets?
  • What state / federal policies are needed to support their participation?
  • What ISO / utility practices are needed to enable their integration?

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Location: Brown Rudnick LLP, 1 Financial Ctr, Boston, MA 02111

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