NECEC's Decade of Action Initiative, 2020-2030

Across the past decade we saw great progress towards a clean energy future globally. And yet, it was a decade of climate failure. As reported by the IPCC, our planet now has only ten years to scale successful models to transition to a car- bon-free economy, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and avoid the devastating consequences of uncontrollable global temperature rise. Since our founding in 2006, NECEC has worked tirelessly to catalyze the transition to clean energy and spur economic growth in the Northeast U.S. So much has been accomplished, but we have to go much further.

NECEC’s Decade of Action Initiative is an effort to strengthen and scale our impact over the next 10 years by proving out our clean economy model and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Northeast by 40-50% from 1990 by 2030. To reach this goal and to increase our sustainability and effectiveness, NECEC needs to double our capacity with a strategic investment in our organization of $2.5 million in new funding over the next 18 months, and we need to establish an expanded network of funders and partners to sustain that annual $5.0 million level of effort through the 2020’s Decade of Action to prove the leading clean economy pathways here in the Northeast and to establish global networks to share the best approaches for clean energy transitions all over the world.

The success of this next decade is critical for the clean energy transition to fully take hold. Together we can reach greenhouse gas emissions midpoint targets; prove the key models needed to enable this critical transition; and deliver innovative solutions, best practices, and policy frameworks for new sectors and markets.

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Decade of Action Overview

To achieve NECEC’s Decade of Action goals, NECEC needs support to expand three key existing functions for regional success and to establish one new function for global impact in this Decade of Action. Expansion of existing functions includes Enhancing Our Policy & Regulatory Framework, Growing the Innovation Ecosystem, and Proving Clean Economy Market Models. And the new capability we need to establish is Sharing Best Practices Near & Far.

For more information, check out our Decade of Action Overview here.

A Decade of Accomplishments Timeline

Since 2008, NECEC has grown from a staff of two to become the leading voice of the US Northeast clean energy industry. This timeline illustrates some of our most important contributions to growing this region into a global model for the clean economy, focusing on three core areas: Innovation, Market Development, and Policy.

View the timeline here.

NECEC's 2019 Annual Report

NECEC’s 2019 Annual Report shines a light on NECEC and the Northeast's progress in 2019. We hope it will contribute to a deepening of collaboration with our organizations as we charge forward for the critical years ahead.

Read the full report here.