Member Directory

NECEC’s results-oriented team brings together business leaders and key stakeholders to engage in influential policy discussions and business initiatives while building connections that propel the clean energy industry forward.

Sector: Solar, Wind
Kleiman Energy & Environment
Sector: Energy Efficiency, Other, Smart Grid, Waste to Energy
Lockheed Martin Energy
Sector: Consulting
Longwood Energy Group
Sector: Consulting
Mavel Americas
Sector: Professional Services
McCauley Lyman LLC
Sector: Waste to Energy
MICROrganic Technologies
Sector: Advanced Materials
Nano-C, Inc.
Sector: Solar
Navisun LLC
Sector: Other
NEC Energy Solutions
Sector: Combined Heat & Power
Sector: Finance
New Energy Capital Partners
Sector: Energy Storage
New England Battery Storage
Sector: Solar
Newport Solar
Sector: Solar
Nexamp Inc.
Sector: Finance, Solar
NextSun Energy
Sector: Consulting
North River Capital Advisors
Sector: Other
North Shore InnoVentures
Sector: Energy Efficiency
Northeast Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC)
Sector: Energy Efficiency
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc.
Sector: Solar
Oak Square Partners

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