Our Strategic Partner Network

NECEC’s Strategic Partner Network (SPN) is a corporate membership network and program that engages leading global corporations building their energy innovation relationships across the Northeast’s cleantech ecosystem and markets. NECEC works intimately with SPN member companies to help them develop new practices for open innovation, investment and strategic partnerships.

We help our SPN member companies take leading roles to grow regional markets that match their energy and cleantech business strategies and help members form partnerships and deals within NECEC’s startup and clean energy member company communities. SPN activities include:

  • Quarterly Cleantech Executive Roundtable Breakfast meetings with guest speakers
  • Regular  Innovation Summits, networking and educational events and market development sessions to grow strategic opportunities in the Northeast.
  • Facilitation of strategic market working groups to foster collaborative business opportunities. Involvement with NECEC’s early-stage innovation programs as sponsors, advisors, and potential partners or investors with promising startups and entrepreneurs

NECEC’s Strategic Partner Network includes a growing list of global corporations. To learn more about SPN and how your company can benefit from joining the annual membership network, contact NECEC Vice President, Innovation & Partnerships Alistair Pim.

SPN Members