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Special group benefit offers for NECEC members.

Risk Management Coverage and Services

Gallagher’s Energy practice understands the challenges you face and knows how to address them. In the energy industry, intricate risks seem to be buried everywhere, from EPA regulations, contracts, aging facilities, and federal policies to inexperienced crews. At Gallagher, we help you identify and assess the risks that affect your organization and put a risk management solution in place. We’ll make sure you have the most comprehensive coverage at a competitive price, so your company can focus on its role in the complex energy industry. Learn more.

Sustainable 401(k) Retirement Plan

NECEC is pleased to announce an exclusive new offering for NECEC members! We are launching an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainable 401(k) retirement plan, by NECEC sponsor Natixis Investment Managers, in partnership with Empower Retirement, Leafhouse Financial, and Gallagher Retirement Plan Consulting. NECEC member companies can now offer their employees a retirement plan that reflects the sustainability goals of our industry. Learn more.