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Special group benefit offers for NECEC members.

Risk Management Coverage and Services

Gallagher’s Energy practice understands the challenges the energy industry faces and knows how to address them. Gallagher helps identify and assess risks that affect organizations and put risk management solutions in place. Learn more.

Gallagher is offering NECEC members access to its expert analysis in recent and upcoming webinars, including:

  • Financial Markets Update Webinar (October 2020): The presidential election fueled significant uncertainty about how the election results could impact investment portfolios and financial markets. Yet historically, the president’s political party has no predictable impact on the direction or magnitude of future stock market performance. Listen to Gallagher’s retirement plan and investment consultants explore this and offer perspective on capital market performance during the last quarter, progress towards economic recovery, and more by clicking here.
  • Leftovers and Seasonal Spending: Tips for Staying Financially Healthy During the Holidays (November 18, 2020): Join Gallagher for its November "Getting Better with Gallagher Financial Wellbeing" event. During this webinar, Gallagher’s financial wellbeing and retirement plan consulting advisors will cover ways to effectively manage any financial “leftovers” as the year comes to a close, how to celebrate and give holiday gifts that won’t break the bank, and advice about how to put yourself in a stronger financial position for 2021. Register here.

Sustainable 401(k) Retirement Plan

NECEC is pleased to announce an exclusive new offering for NECEC members! We are launching an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainable 401(k) retirement plan, by NECEC sponsor Natixis Investment Managers, in partnership with Empower Retirement, Leafhouse Financial, and Gallagher Retirement Plan Consulting. NECEC member companies can now offer their employees a retirement plan that reflects the sustainability goals of our industry. Learn more.