Diversity in the Climate Economy Video Series

NECEC speaks with the people who are bringing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice to the climate economy.

Lisa Frantzis

Lisa Frantzis, Partner at Guidehouse Energy and Member of the NECEC Board of Directors, talks about navigating the 20th century workplace and the hard work of taking clean energy from a fond desire to a viable business.

Amy Duffuor

Amy Duffuor, General Partner at Azolla Ventures and Member of the NECEC Board of Directors, talks about her experiences in rising the ranks of the corporate world as a black woman both in the U.S. and abroad, along with the perspective she brings to clean energy and climate tech investment.

Heather Takle

Heather Takle, CEO & President of PowerOptions (and NECEC Board Member), talks about her journey from the military to the executive suite. She talks about the lessons she's learned in bringing value and asserting her voice to help drive positive change in the climate economy.

Laura Bartsch

Laura Bartsch, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Advanced Energy United (and NECEC Board Member), talks about her work in developing the marketing for clean energy and the climate economy. She also delves into how her professional and personal journeys have mirrored each other in helping the outsiders become the insiders.