U.S./Canada Cross-Border Power Summit

The Northeast is facing a capacity crunch: coal and nuclear generating plants are being retired, leaving the region to find new, large-scale generation that also meets mounting environmental policy requirements for clean energy with regard to EPA's Clean Power Plan and the transformation of RGGI, Inc.  The region doesn't have too much renewable potential, and siting new gas-fired generation as well as supporting transmission infrastructure has become increasingly difficult. Moreover, this part of the U.S. and Canada is dealing with some of the highest retail electricity rates on the continent.

This conference will focus on analyzing capacity gaps in the short and long-term, evaluating what an optimal future fuel source mix will look like for the region to ensure reliability and and comply with environmental standards. The program will mostly focus on whether increased US-Canadian power trade is a logical solution.  Several new cross-border projects have been proposed — mostly to bring large-scale hydropower in to New England from Canada — that bring up big policy questions and tensions between competitive energy markets, regulators, and the public with regard to concerns over costs, impacts to the local economy, and siting.  The conference will explore these tensions while evaluating the potential of hydropower projects bid into the New England Clean Energy RFP — a multi-state request for new clean energy and transmission projects — in addition to projects that would develop offshore wind resources and increase US/Canadian access to natural gas. 

Featuring expert discussions of industry practitioners and specialists, this second annual Cross-Border Summit will serve as a collaborative forum for the power industry to work together and plan for New England and the entire Northeast's power future.

Janet Besser, NECEC's VP of Policy & Government Affairs, will speak at the event.

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Location: Boston, MA

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