SEBANE Forum on Technical Aspects of DER Interconnection

This event will present several different perspectives on how distributed energy resources (DERs) are contributing to the operation of the interconnected electric power system today, and how that contribution could evolve in future years. We will present an overview of Grid Modernization efforts in MA with an emphasis on the technical aspects of DER interconnection, touching on related policy matters as needed. SEBANE expects that this significant forum will open the door for additional events in the coming months, exploring this subject in greater detail.

Microsoft Word - 10-21-15 Forum Announcement

Speakers will include

Whit Fulton; founder and CEO, ConnectDER

Jim Perkinson; Manager- Advanced Grid Engineering, National Grid

Jennifer Schilling; Director – Engineering Strategy and Performance, Eversource

Mark Lebel; Staff Attorney, Acadia Center Michael Conway; Borrego Solar and TSRG Vice Chair

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Location: District Hall, 75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

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