NECA Gas 101 Seminar

Need to know more about the 'shale revolution' and why natural gas is the today's 'fuel of choice'?  Interested in understanding the value chain and market fundamentals of the natural gas industry, the role of LNG, CNG and NGLs and why New England continues to see volatile gas prices despite abundant domestic gas supplies?

Join NECA for a one-day primer and overview of the natural gas industry from wellhead to burner tip. Whether you are new to the energy industry or just need to better understand the evolving role of natural gas, Natural Gas 101 can provide you with a basic understanding of all aspects of the industry, including production and gathering, transmission and distribution, liquified and compressed natural gas, the regulatory framework and the wholesale and retail supply markets, including key considerations and provisions for transportation and commodity contracts. The panel of experts will also review the history and trends in the industry and current issues including electric and gas coordination, the fracking controversy and the need for pipeline expansion in the northeast.

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Location: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, 75 Felton Street, Marlborough, MA

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