MIT Forum: Business Model Innovation – Navigating the Cleantech Landscape

Business model innovation has produced unique concepts through a shift in paradigm and business processes.  This innovation has helped clean energy companies realize new revenue sources by improving product value for their customers as well as creating new markets. Unfortunately though, the clean energy industry has faced hurdles to bring products to the market, including navigating complex legislation and achieving steady growth rates.

Therefore, substantially more innovation is critical to tackle the world’s most pressing energy issues and ensure a financially sustainable clean energy industry future.

This panel will discuss how successful entrepreneurs have navigated the clean energy landscape in spite of the unique challenges they face.  These entrepreneurs will discuss their business models in consumerization of energy, public-private partnerships, raising capital through non-traditional funding sources and building steady streams of revenue generation models.

Join us to engage in the conversation and learn about:

  • Expanding the footprint through strategic partnerships with public sector
  • Generating new markets through distributed production and collaborative consumption business model
  • Funding alternatives to grow your customer base
  • Leveraging customer interactions to evolve a sustainable business model



David Miller, Managing Director, Clean Energy Venture Group


Eric Graham, CEO,  Crowdcomfort

Daniel Hullah, Director, Ventures, National Grid

Indran Ratnathican, VP of Marketing & Strategy, First Fuel

Ryan Wright, CEO WrightGrid


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Location: Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor Havana Room, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, 02142

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