MIT Energy Conference

Celebrate the ten year anniversary of the the MIT Energy Conference. In the ten years since the conference’s inception, more changes have occurred in global energy than in the 100 years prior. As a key contributor to the development of solutions at the knowledge frontier, MIT brings together energy visionaries and a host of creative, passionate, motivated individuals for fact-based discussion and innovative problem solving.

Each year the conference engages over a thousand attendees, and past keynote speakers have included energy leaders such as Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven, and Governor Bill Richardson.

This year’s conference brings together leaders from industry, government, and the scientific community to align on actions we can take today to address tomorrow’s energy challenges. We will explore ways by which technological development, novel policy, and finance innovation enable the disruption of legacy value chains and convergence of global economies.

Join the MIT energy community and meet the leaders that are shaping the world for tomorrow. The MIT Energy Conference offers its guests premier opportunities to interact and network throughout the event. Be sure to attend the Networking Showcase and other evening events.


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Location: MIT Campus, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

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