9th Annual Babson Energy & Environmental Conference

Babson College & the Babson Energy & Environmental Club (BEEC) are excited to be hosting the 9th Annual Babson Energy & Environmental Conference. This year’s theme is “Harnessing Entrepreneurial Energy.” The conference will feature talks by some of the leading minds and voices in the energy and environmental sectors, as well as a four interactive and innovative sessions.

This year the conference will feature Amory Lovins, chairman, Chief Scientist, and Chairman Emeritus of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), as an opening keynote, and a closing keynote by George Bachrach, President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

Sessions this year include:

  • The Future of Energy Demand Side Innovation
  • The Nature Of Business
  • Entrepreneurs Detoxifying The Environment
  • Alternative Transportation

In addition to the above, the lunch session, “Feed Your Brain,” will have experts off the stage and at your lunch table. This is an opportunity for you to connect personally with experts in the energy/environment space; network with movers and shakers, and discuss the topics that you care passionately about.


NECEC Members may register at a discounted rate through this link. Register today! 

Location: Sorenson Theater in Babson College, 19 Babson College Drive, Babson Park, MA

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