2nd World Ocean Energy Summit

This two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders to address the need to progress ocean energy from technological concept to commercial deployment. Given the right political and financial frameworks, ocean technology have the potential to play a crucial role in meeting renewable energy targets. 

Key Topics Include:

  • Policy & Regulation of Ocean Energy
  • Global Ocean Energy Markets
  • Finance: Funding Future Developments
  • Improving Infrastructure & Connectivity to the Grid
  • Technology Case Studies: Wave Energy Streams
  • Technology Case Studies: Tidal Energy Streams
  • Overcoming Barriers to Commercial Deployment
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Who Will Attend?

Leading power generating companies, utilities, marine technology providers, financial stakeholders & investors, research institutions, academia, service providers, government officials and regulators from various positions, encompassing heads & junior staff of: marine energy, ocean power, wave & tidal technology, technology development, marine renewable energy, offshore power generating and renewable strategy.

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Location: Edinburgh, UK

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