Huddle with OpenIDEO and The 11th Hour Project

“How might communities lead the rapid transition to renewable energy?”

Participants from around the world have been sharing their insights through this challenge. We believe this challenge offers those interested in climate change a call to action that can make a real difference and catalyze efforts to shape our energy future.

To support this challenge OpenIDEO will be hosting an online event on Dec. 16 at 12pm PT, featuring IDEO leaders and renewable energy experts. The event will aim to raise awareness about new opportunities related to renewables and to spark creative thinking for our challenge. It will be streamed live from IDEO's SF studio and include two panel discussions -- one focused on opportunity areas enabled by new technology and another focused on new models for organizing communities.

Hear from:
IDEO Designers Ame Elliot and Annette Diefenthaler
Emily Kirsch, SfunCube
Shouvik Banerjee, SolarCity
Andrea Kissack, KQED
Adam Browning, Vote Solar
Donnie Oliveira, San Francisco Department of the Environment
Sarah Shanley Hope, The Solutions Project
The OpenIDEO Team

Location: Live stream

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