From Risk To Return: Investing in a Clean Energy Economy

On December 8th, at 4pm, Dan Lashof, Chief Operating Officer of NextGen Climate America, will discuss the latest Risky Business Project report, From Risk to Return: Investing in a Clean Energy Economy. The report goes beyond risk analysis to look at the many opportunities for American business to address climate change risks by building a clean energy economy. The best estimates suggest that we need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% by 2050. To do so will mean transforming the way we produce and use energy. From Risk to Return will examine the technological and economic feasibility of doing so, using commercial or near- commercial technology.

Grounded in quantitative analyses and modeling of alternative economic scenarios, this report:

  • Analyzes different energy pathways, focusing on sources of energy that produce little to no carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Details the level of investment needed for each pathway.
  • Identifies areas of economic opportunity to be created by these energy transitions.

From Risk to Return examines the many opportunities for both American businesses and investors to thrive in a clean energy economy. The report focuses on:

  • The major technological and infrastructure changes necessary to shift to clean energy economy.
  • The size and timing of capital investments, including comparison with the costs of inaction and other major recent investments in technology and infrastructure.
  • The affect of this transition on different sectors of the economy and regions of the country, including a focus on jobs.

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Location: Barrister’s Hall, Boston University School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

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