Election 2016: Energy, Environment, & the Economy

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is a strong proponent of climate change action. Republican Donald Trump has said, “I’m not a big believer in man-made climate change.” The U.S. Congress cannot reach consensus on a legislative strategy to combat global climate change, let alone agree on measures to reduce air, water, and waste pollution. The 2016 Election will be pivotal for energy, environmental, and economic policies.

The sharp contrasts among political candidates on these issues will provide a lively discussion in this forum. We’ve asked Congressional Candidates, Democratic and Republican strategists, and environmental and business groups to share their perspectives on the November election and its implications for energy security, environmental protection, and economic development.


  • Bill Kovacs, Senior Vice President- Environment, Technology, & Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Rep. Chellie Pingree, Congresswoman, 1st District of Maine
  • Dr. Mark Holbrook, Candidate for Congress, 1st District of Maine

Location: Hannaford Hall USM, 88 Bedford Street, Portland, ME

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