NECEC Publishes Guide to Help Local Leaders Transition to Clean Energy Future

The “Municipal Guide to Inclusive Climate Action and Equitable Procurement,” published on Oct. 3, is designed to help local leaders procure the services that can bring the environmental and economic benefits of a diverse climate economy to their municipality.

The NECEC says the 55-page guide is targeted to mid-size and small cities and towns with limited procurement staff and resources. It can help sustainability managers aiming to enhance their municipal climate action efforts through innovative procurement strategies. It can also help in crafting and implementing local decarbonization plans.

The guide includes tips on how to diversify suppliers while accessing the best services available. It covers leveraging regional collaborations for effective climate change action, accessing technical resources and plans, and exploring opportunities for federal funding. The guide highlights membership organizations and coalitions that offer support, consulting and networking opportunities for municipalities, and features plans, roadmaps and frameworks to guide municipalities in decarbonizing their energy systems and promoting sustainable practices.

Northeast Clean Energy Council President Joe Curtatone, who was mayor of Somerville for 18 years, writes in the guide that “local government is where decarbonizing our society for an equitable and sustainable future will either succeed or fail.”

“Local government is all about delivering results,” he states. “We are facing a ticking clock, and the only way we can possibly reach federal and state decarbonization goals is if municipalities take a leadership role in a just energy transition. Local government is going to play a determining role in whether the benefits of clean energy and climate tech (healthier living conditions, new job opportunities, lower bills, more reliable infrastructure) reach everyone.”

Also on Oct. 3, the NECEC released “Collaborating With Municipalities: A Climate Tech Startup’s Guide to Successful Municipal Engagement.”

The NECEC is a blend of a trade organization and a nonprofit “dedicated to leading the just, equitable and rapid transition to a clean energy future and a diverse climate economy.”

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