Why A Blog?

Why A Blog?

If you've ever had the chance to attend the New England Clean Energy Council's Green Tie Gala, you know how electrifying it is to see 400 clean energy CEOs, executives and investors all in the same room. The conversations that happen at that event and the collaborations they initiate are crucial to the continued success of New England's clean energy cluster. Equally important, the Gala's awards ceremony offers the chance to honor the commitment and success of the companies and individuals whose tireless efforts are slowly transforming the way the world uses energy.

At the Clean Energy Council, one of our primary roles is simply as convener. We try to bring a wide variety of high-level stakeholders from across industry sub-sectors together to meet and converse, with the belief that doing so will accelerate the development of our clean energy economy. But our efforts don't stop there. Perhaps the next most important function of our organization is to allow the region's clean energy sector to speak with one voice: to policymakers, to the public, and to other sectors.

Why a blog? At this point maybe an answer to that question isn't even required. But our purpose here is simple: to take what we're already doing and bring it online.

We want to make it easier for our community to have conversations, to highlight the challenges our sector faces, to celebrate its success stories, and, yes, occasionally to brag on New England's clean energy leadership. And we want to help communicate to those outside our community the crucial importance of clean energy. We're going to keep doing what we've been doing; we're just turning up the volume.

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Walter Frick

Walter is Associate Editor at Harvard Business Review. Formerly, Walter was Communications Manager at the New England Clean Energy Council.