Six graphics about clean energy jobs in Massachusetts you should see

Six graphics about clean energy jobs in Massachusetts you should see

The 2014 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report was recently released. Prepared by BW Research Partnership for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the report has lots of good news about job growth. Here are six graphics to get you interested.

1. The clean energy industry is growing.

For the third year in a row, the clean energy industry generated double-digit job growth. 5,985 firms in the state support 88,372 clean energy workers. That’s big.


2. Clean energy firms do more than install insulation and solar panels.

You’ve got research, engineering, manufacturing, finance. What do you want to do?



3. Energy efficiency firms employ lots of people in Massachusetts.

74% of the state’s clean energy workers in 2014 were employed at firms involved in residential and commercial energy efficiency, and the number keeps growing.


4. Solar and other renewable companies are hiring, too, of course.



5. Are you experienced? Clean energy firms value experience.



6. Clean energy jobs in Massachusetts are advancing by degrees.

The large majority of jobs in manufacturing, engineering and research, professional services, and others require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Some opportunities in sales and distribution, and in installation and maintenance, are open to those with less education.



Want to learn more?

The 68-page report is full of survey-based findings about the growth and health of the clean energy industry in Massachusetts in 2014. Find the whole thing online by clicking here


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Kevin Doyle

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