Prithvi Ventures Donates 2% of Future Climate Funds to NECEC

Boston — March 26, 2024 — The Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC), a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the climate economy forward, is thrilled to announce a significant donation commitment from Prithvi Ventures. Kunal Sethi, a general partner, has pledged 2% of distributions from his up-and-coming Climate Funds to NECEC, focusing on advancing an emission metrics approach, evolving the policy-making climate ecosystem, and workforce development.

Sethi, a cancer survivor and prominent investor in the climate economy, is deeply invested in policies that promote transparent measurement and tracking of emission metrics at an industry level. Kunal Sethi remarked, "To address climate change, join a badass founder, invest in one, or buy their products. The best ones are the nerdy ones who love being surrounded by nature or the tree huggers. Somewhere in this world, a young person is starting their cancer remission journey, along with a career in climate. That eventually could be the next big innovation we want to heal planetary health, and it matters to me who I surround myself with, like the experts and pioneers at NECEC." 

NECEC President Joe Curtatone expressed gratitude for the partnership, stating, "We are honored to receive this generous commitment from Prithvi Ventures. Kunal Sethi's dedication to promoting innovative solutions for climate change aligns seamlessly with NECEC's mission to drive clean energy innovation and policy advancement. This donation will significantly bolster our efforts to create a sustainable future for all."

In addressing the urgent need for decarbonization, Prithvi and NECEC recognize that workforce development will play a pivotal role in ensuring the transition comes to fruition. They emphasize that attracting young people to cleantech and climate tech careers is crucial for achieving the planet's decarbonization goals. "Workforce development is paramount in our efforts to combat climate change," explained Barry Reaves, VP of DEIJ and Workforce at NECEC. "Attracting and retaining talented individuals, especially young people, in cleantech and climate tech careers is essential for driving innovation and accelerating the transition to a sustainable future." As such, NECEC and Prithvi remain dedicated to fostering opportunities and pathways for the next generation of leaders in the clean energy sector.

About Prithvi Ventures

Prithvi Ventures invests in early-stage startups that combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They focus on addressing mundane problems with groundbreaking solutions, adopting a monopolistic approach to achieve Net Zero goals. पृथ्वी / Pṛthvī means "earth" in Sanskrit.

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NECEC is the leading advocate for businesses driving the growth of a world-class climate economy hub in the Northeast. Through our unique blend of business, innovation, policy leadership, workforce development, and municipal leadership, we empower companies to start, scale, and succeed in the climate economy. Our innovation programs, including Cleantech Open Northeast and Navigate, offer cleantech startups curated connections to mentors, test sites, customers, corporate partners, and investors. At NECEC, we convene business leaders and key stakeholders to participate in influential policy discussions, workforce development initiatives, and business engagements. Through these connections, we propel the climate economy industry forward, fostering growth and innovation. Learn more about our work at

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Meggie Quackenbush

Meggie Quackenbush is NECEC's Senior Communications Manager.