NECEC Publishes First-Ever Annual Report

While 2018 is well underway, our team here at NECEC is proud to look back at what we accomplished in 2017 as part of our mission to foster a world-class clean energy hub in the Northeast.

This week, we published our first-ever Annual Report, which highlights how NECEC--with the critical support of our Members, Sponsors, and Partners--was able to drive impact toward that mission. Looking back, 2017 clearly began with uncertainty. We had a new and dramatically different political landscape in Washington, which often impacts the trajectory of the clean energy industry. Yet, while there was grappling and adjusting to the new landscape, the Northeast clean energy industry started the year in a place of strength and forged ahead to demonstrate that the economics for clean energy is stronger than ever and customers are demanding clean energy solutions more and more--despite their politics.

As we celebrated NECEC’s 10th anniversary as an organization, the sector continues to grow as a cornerstone of this region’s economy in new and exciting ways. New markets, such as energy storage and electrified transportation, are gaining prominence, while like solar, wind and energy efficiency cement their place in the regional and global economy. All these market need continued support and advocacy, a long-standing focus of our work, to ensure local leaders understand the economic, energy system and environmental value of supporting clean energy.

In 2017, NECEC proudly supported the region’s industry from fledgling cleantech startups and innovative growth stage businesses to attracted major national and international companies that together are producing the affordable, clean and efficient energy products and services consumers are demanding. As detailed in the report, we did this by advancing clean energy policy, accelerating clean energy startups, fostering business connections within the clean energy ecosystem and engaging global market leaders through our Strategic Partner Network.

We hope you will read this report and learn how NECEC has become one of the leading clean energy business organization in the region and the voice of the region’s clean energy industry, influencing the energy policy agenda and fostering growth in the clean energy economy.

Join our team as  a member or sponsor today, and help us deliver global impact through a stronger Northeast clean energy hub.

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Samoa Pereira

Samoa is NECEC’s Marketing Fellow.