NECEC, Cleantech Open Northeast Promote Tricia Dinkel to Senior Program Manager

NECEC is excited to announce that Cleantech Open Northeast’s team member Tricia Dinkel has been promoted to the role of Senior Program Manager!

Tricia joined the Cleantech Open Northeast team in 2019 as Program Manager, overseeing the accelerator’s relationships with local partners and volunteers and executing quality programming for cleantech startups in the Northeast. In that role, Tricia has supervised recruitment and management of startups, mentors, partners, volunteers, and sponsors of Cleantech Open Northeast, managed events for the accelerator, and led communications efforts for the program.

Tricia’s hard work and positive attitude has helped her become an integral part of the Cleantech Open community. She promotes an internal and external culture of teamwork and collaboration and has successfully strengthened the Cleantech Open Northeast brand, streamlined communications and operations, and cultivated strong relationships with partners of the accelerator. Tricia also speaks regularly on behalf of NECEC and Cleantech Open Northeast about cleantech innovation at public events, and has also coached and judged startups participating in the accelerator.  

Before joining NECEC and Cleantech Open Northeast, Tricia served as Director of Data Analytics at WegoWise, which provides utility performance benchmarking and analytics services to property owners and managers of multifamily, single family, and commercial building portfolios. She was previously Associate Director at the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, coordinated sustainability programs at A Better City, a nonprofit business membership organization working to build the Greater Boston region’s economic health, sustainability, and quality of life, and served as Assistant Director at The Green Alliance in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Tricia holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and environmental policy from the University of Colorado Boulder and a master’s degree in environmental education from the University of New Hampshire.  

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Meggie Quackenbush

Meggie Quackenbush is NECEC's Senior Communications Manager.