Legislative Update - March 30, 2012

Legislative Update - March 30, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, the Massachusetts Senate began debate on Senate Bill 2200, An Act Relative to Competitively Priced Electricity in the Commonwealth, and the 58 amendments that have been proposed. This bill is the follow on to the MA Joint Telecommunications Utilities and Energy Committee's bill we reported on last week.

NECEC, as part of a group of business, energy and environmental organizations we're calling the GCA Coalition, weighed in with a letter [PDF] to Senate President Murray, Senator Ben Downing, Co-chair of the Joint Committee, and the other members of the Senate, to indicate our support for the bill, building on the Green Communities Act (GCA) of 2008, and its potential to advance efficiency, clean and renewable energy in the Commonwealth.

We also communicated our concerns with some of the provisions and urged support for several amendments we think are needed.

There are also a number of amendments being offered that we are opposing. Broadly, these amendments would undermine the GCA provisions that are critical to MA achieving long term energy price stability, maintaining and increasing jobs in the clean energy sector, and retaining its 1st in the nation status on energy efficiency and its 2nd in the nation status for attracting investment in clean energy.

Debate on S2200 will resume next week, so stay tuned!

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