Fraunhofer's Living Lab Goes Live

Fraunhofer's Living Lab Goes Live

On Wednesday June 11, hundreds of clean energy businesses and stakeholders gathered in Boston's Innovation District at what was once a deteriorating 100-year-old historic building scheduled for demolition to celebrate the long-awaited Grand Opening of the Fraunhaufer Center for Sustainable Energy's (CSE) Living Laboratory. For more than two years CSE, a non-profit applied research and development laboratory with the mission to foster economic development through the commercialization of clean energy technologies that benefit society, has been transforming the building into a laboratory and test-bed for innovative products sure to advance the commercialization of building energy and solar technologies.

Governor Deval Patrick addresses the crowd of 100+ people at the Grand Opening of the Living Laboratory at 5 Channel Center The Living Laboratory broke ground in 2013 and now houses a four-floor technology showcase of 30 leading building energy technologies such as smart LED lighting by NECEC member Digital Lumens and energy dashboards by Enertiv (a tenant of NECEC's partner incubator NYC ACRE). Established industry players including Siemens, Dow Corning, DuPont, Osram Sylvania, and Philips - to name a few - have also installed products showcasing their cutting-edge building efficiency technologies, which are labeled throughout the building so visitors can learn what's working behind the walls as well.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick gave a keynote speech at the event, highlighting the project as an example of the power of public-private partnership. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center as well as numerous manufacturers, industry partners and businesses provided funding and donated systems, materials and services to the Living Laboratory.

"CSE will serve as an invaluable resource for energy efficiency technologists looking to prove their innovations" he said, "The Fraunhofer model is powerful because of the collaboration it fosters - the line between public and private sector is blurring and government's role is to enable the private sector to flourish and step up to challenges."

Dr. Christian Hoepfner, Center Director at Fraunhofer CSE noted in his remarks that the opening marked a new era for Fraunhofer CSE, with expanded research and groundbreaking developments. Fraunhofer recently received funding from the US Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative to kick off a major solar PV plug-and-play research effort to bring down the cost of solar in the US to less than $1.50 per watt.

As Fraunhofer launches more research initiatives and runs its successful TechBridge program to support early stage companies, the clean energy community need only journey to the Laboratory to stay abreast on the latest advances in sustainable energy.

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