Our Strategic Partner Network

As clean energy, clean technology and energy innovations accelerate around the world, more and more large corporations are expanding their roles as strategic partners, customers, investors and beneficiaries of open cleantech innovation.

Leveraging its position as the largest cleantech business organization in the Northeast and the only organization actively connecting players in the cleantech community to accelerate the sector’s growth, NECEC and NECEC Institute have formed a Strategic Partner Network (SPN). SPN kicked off with a series of workshops in 2014. The exclusive network aims to help leading global corporations, which aim to grow their energy innovation strategic roles to build relationships in the cleantech community, develop new practices for open innovation, investment and strategic partnerships, and derive value faster and more efficiently, while also providing industry leadership opportunities.

To learn more about SPN and how your company can benefit from joining the annual membership network, contact SPN@necec.org.

SPN Members