NECEC's COP 21 Delegation

NECEC is leading a delegation of executives from our member companies and partners from the US Northeast to share efforts and stories of our region’s strong progress to develop and deploy innovative solutions to address climate change while also creating a strong, growing clean energy economy.  NECEC, delegation members and our community are attending COP 21 to develop relationships with other regions, countries and companies to collaborate and share approaches to solve climate change and grow the world’s clean energy industry and economy.

NECEC Delegation Members:

  • Peter Rothstein, President, NECEC (Northeast Clean Energy Council)
  • Alistair Pim, Corporate Development Executive, NECEC
  • Geoff Chapin, CEO, Next Step Living
  • Mark Barnett, Partner, Foley Hoag
  • Rob Pratt, Chairman, GreenerU, Chairman, International Institute for Energy Conservation
  • Shruthi Rao, CEO, Adapt Ready
  • Dave Cash, Dean, McCormack School of Policy and Global Studies, UMASS Boston

NECEC Strategic Partner Network Members Attending COP:

  • Schneider-Electric, Anna Pavlova, Government Affairs North America

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